When Nick and Trevor (Illenium & Said the Sky) approached me with their “puppy”, as they called it, I instantly fell for the melodic, glitchy, and LARGE sounds they had produced. They were so open to my additions in the writing process… and like some things in life, it just came together. I met them over the New Year in Denver and we had a great night ringing in 2015 by doing an impromptu live PA at Decadence. Anyway – all that seems like a lifetime ago at this point, but I’m so thankful that this tune made it out to everyone!

People have asked me, “what’s the song about?” – well… it’s basically about being kind to one another. Lately, it’s hard for me to think of anything more powerful and mysterious than the universe and our tiny, yet self-important little journey as humans through space and time. Haha how’s that for just getting right to it? Not to get too sci-nerd… but every last one of us is made of the same things! Most of the issues we fight over are so petty and unimportant… yet we’ll kill each other over them. Sounds so stupid, right? So, in this song, I’m asking us all to consider that everyone is right in their own mind, but that doesn’t make any of us righteous. We would get a lot more accomplished if we just worked together. I know… kumbaya lovies! 😉

Out of all the pieces of this collaboration (music, art, lyrics, vocals, release planning, remixes) the music video was the most foreign, challenging, and exciting part for me. Love it or hate it, I was just trying to tell a story. We had a blast shooting it! A talented and super sweet body paint artist gradually painted me white – like all the way up to my eyelashes, haha. Never done that before! Some pics from the night:



Here’s what our label, Gravitas, has to say about the song:

Colorado is home to an ever expanding list of fresh, raw talent; a place where many of Gravitas’ most accomplished artists reside. Hot off of individual gigs at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, Illenium and Said The Sky have teamed up with Texan vocalist Cristina Soto for a notable contribution to the Gravitas Music catalog, “Painted White”. Heartfelt and futuristic, the tune moves effortlessly between melancholic serenade and bass heavy stomper. Intricate sound design links each moment to the next, showcasing these diverse musicians’ talent. Soto, whose radiant, silky voice has graced the works of notorious artists such as Bassnectar, Tritonal, and Seven Lions, helps lift the song to epic heights; her versatility is pronounced plainly in the delicate sections as well as the energetic.

Au5 and Fractal arrive next with their colossal neuro-bass remix. Well known for some of the cleanest production in the game, they quickly flipped the original on it’s head, re-harmonizing Soto’s vocals and merging them with thick, lustrous chords. The mysterious Clockvice balances the release with a brooding yet intelligent take. Largely atmospheric in vibe, his remix relies on sophisticated audio experimentation to attain a cinematic mood perfect for the next Hollywood psychological thriller.


I really hope you like it. And if you don’t, that’s cool, but maybe don’t be an asshole about it… because… we’re all made of the same star stuff.