Over 136K plays in a month for “Ghost of Me” with @CloZee – wow! Thank you all for the support! It means so much. I wanted to share a little about what this song means to me. This may not be true for you, so don’t let my meaning change yours 🙂

In 2002, after suffering a personal trauma, I developed anorexia as a desperate attempt to regain control in my life. It nearly destroyed many relationships in my life and irreversibly altered my future. While I’m healthy today, it took years of work to recover and I had a support network that others do not. Nearly 10% of college women suffer from anorexia… it probably affects someone you know.

I revisited a poem that I wrote back then when I was sick called “Starved Of” to draw the lyrics out for Ghost of Me. Here are the lyrics and the photo of the poem from an old journal.

*An apple a day is not enough*
*An apple a day is not enough *
*Who is playing God here*
*How much can be controlled*
*Destruction creates more *
*To what degree is it a choice to be made *
*By human beings*
*See, we all prefer ecstasy *
*I am slowly becoming a ghost of me *

Ghost of Me - Behind the Lyrics

If you know someone with this disease, please be patient with them as they recover. It is possible! Love yourself and all your imperfections, for they give you character and depth <3 Thanks again for all your support on this song, and for listening to my story.

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