This post is a bit overdue, but still needs to be said. It’s hard to imagine what will be when you’re creating something… how far will it go? Will anyone even like it? Never do I say “this is going to be big”… I’m way too superstitious for that.

‘One Thing’ was created on a stormy night in Austin, in my modest home office / studio. John Burcham and I met up to jam out on an idea and out came our little creature. She is a breathy, candid, and brazen piece of work, even by my own standards. Funny that this song is considered to be so sexy/sultry because the original topic that inspired me wasn’t sexy at all! haha. I’ll keep it to myself as to not ruin the mystery 🙂

Remix contests helped prepare me for a thousand interpretations of the original, but nothing could have prepared me for the news that Bassnectar was going to remix it and release it on his LP, ‘Into The Sun’. The response has been enormous and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Check out the video of Bassnectar dropping it at Red Rocks: Mind officially blown.

Will anything come of this new connection with Lorin? I’m not sure yet. He has reached out via email, but these things are fickle and take time. I’m just incredibly happy and humbled that such a large audience will hear my voice through this song.

“I can tell you one thing, but I’m gonna tell you two. You are gonna love me – and I might like you” 😉