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Debut Solo Album: All I Need

I am on the homestretch of preparing my album, ‘All I Need’ for release. Finally! It should be out in March of 2016 and will feature 7 new original collaborations with several talented producers. Psymbionic The Digital Connection Michael Teixeira J ZUART GoldVHS 9th Leap All of these guys brought different influences to the album, making

08 Feb 2016

Bassnectar Remixed My Song! WHAT?!

This post is a bit overdue, but still needs to be said. It’s hard to imagine what will be when you’re creating something… how far will it go? Will anyone even like it? Never do I say “this is going to be big”… I’m way too superstitious for that. ‘One Thing’ was created on a

10 Aug 2015
Painted White

Painted White – Behind the Release

When Nick and Trevor (Illenium & Said the Sky) approached me with their “puppy”, as they called it, I instantly fell for the melodic, glitchy, and LARGE sounds they had produced. They were so open to my additions in the writing process… and like some things in life, it just came together. I met them

21 Jul 2015
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I Will Keep Wasting Candles

When a fan in Brazil sent me a poem with the phrase “wasting candles”, something about that caught my eye. I decided to write a song about it. There have been a couple of very specific people in my life who for whatever reason couldn’t find their way back to “good”. While part of the

17 Oct 2014
Feels Like Real

My Solo EP

It has been a long 8 months of writing, studio time, and trying to balance the other things in life, but I’m thrilled to be making progress on my solo EP. I’ve also secured a fantastic piano player so that I can hit the town with some live shows. In my mind, I have always

30 Jul 2014
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